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    Two old bikes travel around the famous Isle of Man TT Course.

    TT Course – Isle of Man

  • 0

    Car #939 runs in the May 2012 Lakes Meet. Drift HD camera attached to a clamp-mount on top of the driver’s roll bar. Car reached…

    El Mirage Land Speed

  • 05

    Sortie enduro dans les environs de Cinq Mars la Pile et Langeais en Yamaha DTRE 125 et AJP 200. Première sortie pour la Drift HD…

    Sortie Enduro dans la gadoue

  • 024

    Motorcycle ride on mixed surface road along Carpenter lake

    carpenter lake

  • 027

    Intermediate Class of an ‘Extreme Ride Day’ at Wakefield Park circuit. Bike is a 2003 GSXR750

    Trackday 4 march 2011

  • 02

    high side in pista con yamaha r6

    caduta in pista

  • 023

    DragBike testing Drift HD Camera, we love using this camera,very user friendly, going up to 170+mph with it and in high 7 sec quarter mile…

    DragBike Drift use

  • 030

    easy rider Kawa zx10 and Suzuki gsx1000


  • 01

    pilování zatáček

    Drift HD

  • 07

    Course de côte moto à bord de la Yamaha 350 RDLC Proto.

    Moto Course de Cote

  • 02

    Flying lap at la bota track, during the qualify. was the lap foe the pole.

    Quadmotar pole lap

  • 07

    Attended as traffic controler during the Brainwash Ladies Tour (roadcycling contest). Mounted the Drift HD720 on a Cullmann Multi Clamp CC50+CB2.7 to the steer of…

    Drift HD720 on a Honda Shadow 600

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