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Update to the latest Compass firmware with the official Drift Life app

Available on iOS and Android

Or download the latest firmware directly:

Version (16/09/2016)


We provide detailed user manuals so you can get to know your camera even better.

Manual & Quick Guide


To update your camera firmware using a computer, please follow the steps below:

  • Please connect your camera to your mobile device, open the Drift Life app, and format your memory card in the settings menu.
  • Download the latest Compass firmware
  • Connect the Compass to your computer using the included USB cable.
  • Place the Compass firmware file in the root of your memory card, beside, but not inside the DCIM folder.
  • Safely eject your Compass from your computer.
  • Power it on, and the Status LED will flash red to indicate that the update is in progress.

You can also update your Compass via the Drift Life app:
  • Download the Drift Life app from Google Play or the App Store.
  • Launch Drift Life, and wait a couple of minutes - the latest firmware will be downloading in the background.
  • Tap 'Connect Camera' and follow the instructions.
  • Once your Compass is connected, a firmware upgrade prompt will appear. Tap 'Upgrade' and follow the instructions in Drift Life.


Often this is caused by an issue with the memory card.

Ensuring that your memory card is compatible, properly formatted, and in good working order can help to resolve recording issues such as freezing.

The SD Association's Formatter 4.0 is an effective tool for getting the most out of your memory card, and regularly formatting the card in the Drift Life camera settings menu is recommended.

You'll need a Class 10 memory card up to 32GB - we recommend the Sandisk Ultra range.

If you're experiencing persistent freezing please test a spare SD card to ensure yours isn't the root cause.

Please also ensure you are running the latest firmware on your camera (see above)

To carry out a master reset on your Compass, press the reset button on the side of the camera - you'll need to poke through the hole marked 'R' with a biro.

If you're having difficulty powering your Compass on, please carry out the following steps to try to determine the cause of the problem:

  • Remove your memory card, and try to power the camera on.
  • Charge your camera using a mains adapter - some laptop USB ports do not have the required output to charge the Compass to its full capacity. You can plug the included USB cable into any USB mains adapter with an output up to 5v/2A.
  • Test a spare USB cable to ensure that yours isn't damaged or faulty.
  • Update your camera firmware to the latest version
  • Check for any damage to your Compass' USB port. This isn't something you should expect, providing the camera hasn't been subjected to misuse or impact.


The Compass camera is not water resistant

This is in fact normal and a feature that cannot be switched off. The Compass has been designed to work efficiently alongside the iOS and Android apps, producing two video files of the same recording - a high and low (thm) resolution.

The higher resolution file is designed to be played back or edited on your computer, while the .THM file is designed to work with your mobile device.

The default WiFi password for your Compass is 1234567890. This can be changed in the Drift Life app camera settings menu.

Please make sure you have downloaded the correct app for your Compass, Drift Life. Before launching Drift Life, it is helpful to make sure that no other apps are running in the background on your mobile device.

VPN settings or apps can prevent your mobile device from connecting to your Compass Wi-Fi network.

Android users may need to turn off their mobile data in the device settings menu before connecting to Compass.

The wireless connectivity range is up to 10m with a clear line of sight, within this you shouldn't expect to experience any stability troubles.

The compass requires a stable Wi-Fi or 4G mobile data connection, and a compatible mobile device. To live stream, please launch the Drift Life app, tap‚'Start Live Streaming'‚ and follow the in-app instructions.

If you're having difficulty connecting to your camera, please check that you have installed the latest firmware version on your Compass (see above).

Please note that bright sunlight may make the QR code difficult for your mobile device to scan.

iOS Streaming using Mobile Data:
Please note that iOS requires you to connect your Compass to your mobile device first, then launch the app, tap, 'Connect Camera' and scroll across to 'Go Live (4G)'.

If you're taking your first steps in video editing, iMovie (iOS) or Sony MoviEZ (Windows), will be good options. Both are fairly simple to use, don't require you to convert your files, and are either free or very affordable.

Windows Movie Maker is another free option, but unfortunately requires you to convert your files to a different format, such as .wmv. Quicktime Pro is the next step, and although it isn't free, it's very affordable. Some users love this software, whilst others don't get on with it so well, so it's worth downloading the free trial before parting with any cash.

Sony Vegas Pro (Windows), and Final Cut Pro (iOS) Adobe Premiere Pro (Windows) are great options at the more professional end of the spectrum. These are fairly expensive, and are most suitable for users with a reasonable level of editing experience.

You can find your closest retailer by using our store locator.

Unfortunately, we can't offer any repairs to our product range currently.

The Compass requires a Class 10/UHS -1 memory card, up to 32GB in capacity. We recommend the Sandisk Ultra brand as these are known to be very reliable memory cards. Samsung, SDXC and UHS-3 versions of memory cards do sometimes cause issues and should be avoided.

A faulty, corrupt or incompatible memory card is likely to cause recording issues, or prevent the Compass from powering on.