Find below a hand picked list of our most frequently asked questions, see if we can save you time and get you back in the action.

Why do I have wobble in my video footage?

’Rolling shutter' or 'Jelly' effect is usually due to the way that the camera is mounted. If the camera is mounted to a vibrating piece of bodywork or mount, you are likely to see a wobble in your video. Usually having the camera as close to the surface of the bodywork as possible will reduce this. Adding a rubber shim between a clamp mount (eg. handlebar mount) and the mounting surface can help to lessen vibration. Please also try relocating your camera to an area where there is less vibration for improved image quality.

Why does my Ghost 4K feel hot during recording?

Powerful 4K video cameras generate a lot of heat during recording, and this needs to be dissipated efficiently to prevent damage occurring. The back part of the Ghost 4K casing forms part of the camera's heat sink, so if it feels hot to the touch that's normal - the heat sink is drawing heat away from the camera's processor, and spreading it out across the back of the camera casing, allowing it to dissipate effectively.

What memory cards do you recommend?

Class 10, SDHC versions – Sandisk, Kingston and PNY brands are recommended. We have found that using Samsung memory cards and also any SDXC versions can sometimes affect the cameras performance.

How do I update the firmware for my camera?

To learn how to update your firmware please follow our tutorial below. We've supplied both a video & a step by step guide to get you out in the action as soon as possible.

How do I pair my remote Drift 2-Way remote control?

Drift Ghost 4K = Remote Pairing

Ghost / Ghost-S = Under the Menu / Camera Settings please:

  1. Ensure the Remote Control feature is enabled.
  2. Then with the Remote Pairing setting select the option 'One-to-One'.
  3. The camera will be awaiting a response from the remote; press the top Drift logo button on your remote, which will pair your remote to the camera. You should see the message 'successful' displayed on your Ghost's LCD screen.
  4. If unsuccessful, please push BOTH buttons on the remote in response to the pair command.

Stealth 2 = Pairing camera to a remote control - one to one 'RC 1-1'

  1. On the camera, navigate to Settings mode using the MODE button.
  2. Scroll down to 'RC 1-1' using the CYCLE button and press 'ACTION'.
  3. On the remote control, press 'ACTION'—The camera will beep and return to the Camera Settings menu if it has recognised the remote. If the camera does not display 'successful' and return to the Camera Settings menu, it will not be paired—try pressing 'ACTION' on the remote again.
  4. On the camera, the icon beside Remote Pairing will change to indicate it is paired to a remote control.

Is my camera waterproof?

With the standard rear battery hatch attached securely the Ghost and Ghost-S cameras (not Stealth 2 ) is designed to have a water tight seal resistant to 3m submission for up to 30 minutes. Please note though, that this does not cover activities such as diving, where the camera is subject to a sudden impact of water and pressure. Similar to when using the camera in all intensive water-based sports, the camera should always be used in the waterproof case as it is not resistant to certain water pressures as instructed in the full manual for the camera.

Why is my camera freezing?

In most instances this is related to a memory card or software issue, rather than the camera unit itself.

As an initial solution we can advise ensuring your memory cards are formatted, either through your camera or online (Formatter 4), making sure it is a genuine branded card and in full working order. A faulty, corrupt or mis-sold / falsely advertised card can cause troubles with the camera freezing and not functioning as intended.

We recommend compatible class 10 microSD card, purchased for a reliable source and brand - we use Sandisk Ultra class 10/UHS-1 cards. Please test a spare SD card to ensure yours isn't the root cause.

Please also ensure you are running the latest software on your camera, by updating the firmware (click here to download)

If you have any further issues with freezing please open a ticket and we can see if there are further issues to fix.

Why does my Camera produce x2 files – one high resolution and one low (THM)?

This is in fact normal and a feature that cannot be switched off. The Ghost S has been designed to work efficiently alongside the iOS and Android app, producing two video or photo files of the same recording - a high and low (thm) resolution.

The high res is meant for watching back on your computer, and the low res file (thm) is meant for streaming to your mobile. As most of the phones won't be able to stream at 1080/60 in real time. In order to make the transference of files smooth, the lower resolution versions are automatically generated by the camera.

Why is my Stealth 2 WiFi / App not connecting properly?

Please make sure you have downloaded the ' Drift CONNECT App ' as our ' Drift App ' is only compatible with Ghost and Ghost-S cameras. Currently, our app is not compatible with iOS 9 just yet. We are working on it! And will have an updated software, ensuring all Android phones running the latest software will be compatible. Check out our App Page for more details.

Why do I have wobble in my video footage?

This is normally down to where the camera is mounted when in use. If the camera is mounted to a vibrating piece of bodywork or mount – you will get a wobble in the video due to the vibration. Usually having the camera as close to the surface of bodywork as possible, will reduce this – get in-touch with us to see what mounts will suit you best for your chosen activity.

What video editing software do you recommend?

If you're taking your first steps in video editing, iMovie (iOS) or Sony MoviEZ (Windows), will be good options. Both are fairly simple to use, don't require you to convert your files, and are either free or very affordable.

Windows Movie Maker is another free option, but unfortunately requires you to convert your files to a different format, such as .wmv. Quicktime Pro is the next step, and although it isn't free, it's very affordable. Some users love this software, whilst others don't get on with it so well, so it's worth downloading the free trial before parting with any cash.

Sony Vegas Pro (Windows), and Final Cut Pro (iOS) Adobe Premiere Pro (Windows) are great options at the more professional end of the spectrum. These are fairly expensive, and are most suitable for users with a reasonable level of editing experience.

Where is my closest Drift retailer?

You can find your closest retailer by using our store locator.

Do you offer a repairs service?

Unfortunately we can't offer any repairs to our product range currently. This includes broken LCD screens.