Creating your own travel vlog? Take a look at some Drift camera models

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Working on your travel vlog? Well, the first thing you need is a great camera. At first, getting the right camera might seem like an obvious thing, after all, you just get a camera with a high MP, great optical zoom and flash, right? Not so fast! Any great adventurer knows that there is far more to selecting a camera for vlogging, than just picking the one with the best specs. It is about selecting a camera that can hold up to the demands of outdoor adventures. So, in this blog post, we are going to take a look at the essential qualities to look for in a travel vlog camera, and why Drift camera models are a great choice.

Essential qualities for a travel vlog camera

Aspiring travel vloggers need to take a look at several factors. Naturally, vloggers should start with their budget and the type of vlogging channel they want to setup. However, once you have sorted that out, you need to look into the following qualities.

Great low-light performance

You have no control over the weather. Some days it’s cloudy, other days it’s foggy. You do not always get bright, sunny days (though they make for great thumbnails!), and you need to be able to take great pictures/videos, no matter the settings. This is why you need cameras with low-light performance as these cameras can capture sharp images indoors, and in semi-dark conditions. Without good low-light performance, you are going to capture grainy images and at a lower FPS.

Digital image stabilisation

Ever tried recording while holding a camera? You will be amazed to see how shaky the footage can get. Digital image stabilisation can negate the effect of the shaky cam to give you steadier footage and reduce distortion. Image stabilisation works by increasing the shutter speed or moving the camera sensor in the opposite direction to the detected movement. Steadier footage means better video quality, which means a better response from your vlog viewers.


Drift camera models


Long battery life

You need a camera with long battery life, along with an option to charge the battery. You are going to be spending a lot of time on the road without a hint of civilisation. To capture all those amazing scenes and funny moments,  you need a camera that can last for a long time. The last thing you want to do is capture a special moment while worrying about the battery. You need something that can last an entire day. For example, Drift camera models can last about 9 hours on a single charge.

Durable and weather-proof

Want to record your scuba diving adventure? Want to record your crazy jump off a cliff and into the ocean. Then, you need a weather-proof camera - these cameras are often waterproof and fall damage proof, which means they are built to thrive in conditions where the sun is not shining. You should also keep a lookout for accessories that can further protect the camera. Fortunately, some Drift camera models are built to be waterproof, while others can be made waterproof by purchasing the right camera accessories.

Lightweight and portable

Naturally, video cameras should be lightweight and portable. As a travel vlogger, you can be standing or sitting anywhere. You could be standing on a boat, you could be sitting on a camel or you could be sandwiched between strangers on a bus. The last thing you want is to wield a massive and bulky camera. You need something you can carry around easily. Ideally, it should be so light it can be held up with a camera mount (or a selfie stick).

Take a look Drift camera models

Drift camera models could be the action cameras you need to get your vlogging channel started. There are three types of Drift camera models - Ghost X, Ghost XL and Ghost 4K, all of them are built with slightly different specs, but they are all light (easy-to-carry), durable and offer high-quality footage - perfect for capturing stunning, detailed footage of your adventures. Choose between 1080p footage, if you are getting started, or 4K resolution, if you want an upgrade. The cameras come with a host of useful features, like long battery life, fantastic low light performance and waterproof protection.


Drift camera models


Besides their high-end make, Drift camera models come with an assortment of complimentary camera accessories. If you want, you can buy an assortment of camera mounts, microphones, remote controls and Micro SDs. Accessories you will need when you are building your vlog channel. 

A camera model for any vlogger

If you have already set up a vlog channel, then you need an upgrade with the Ghost 4K. These cameras are built to deliver 4K, Ultra-HD resolution at 30FPS. In addition to better resolution, the camera comes with a host of useful features that vloggers need. Some of these features include automatic stabilisation to capture crisp, clear footage with minimal disruption. There is also the dual microphone feature - the camera features front and rear mics for better sound quality, and also reduces noise. For instance, have you ever recorded footage on the beach? The sound of the wind is great until it interferes with what you are trying to say. Drift Ghost 4K solves this problem with its dual microphone features.

Perhaps you are not looking for 4K right now, but looking to start with 1080p? In that case, the Ghost XL and Ghost X are best suited for you. Ghost XL has several features any vlogger would find useful, including waterproof external microphone connectivity, a rotating lens to align your shots, event detection software, DVR looping and a rear LCD screen, for better viewing. It’s also a great camera for recording your bike or car ride.

Working on your travel vlog channel is not easy because you are not going to be an overnight sensation. It's going to take months or even years before you build a sizable following. However, with the right camera, you can get off to a great start by recording high-quality footage. The right Drift camera models can help you get the start you need because they have all the features you need. 

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