Tips for setting up your action camera mount

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Action camera mounts are some of the best accessories a hardcore adventurer can have. Perhaps, you are looking to build your vlog channel, or you want to record your adventures to show off to your friends. Whatever the reason is you need some sick camera angles! However, getting the right angles is more than just selecting the right camera or the best camera mount. It is about knowing where and how to set up the camera. So in this blog post, we are going to discuss the best angles and how to set up them up.

Mistakes to avoid when setting up the action camera mount

Of course, before we go into tips for setting up the angles, we need to take a look at what not to do. You could be making some of these errors with your action camera mounts, without realising it.

One angle is boring

If you want to record a fun, dynamic ride then you need more than a camera angle to work with. Sticking to one, static camera angle can get boring real fast. If you want to record videos that truly capture how thrilling the ride is, then you need to have multiple camera angles working in unison. This is not a shameless plug to get you to buy more action camera mounts - check out some of the most popular motorcycle vlogs around and you will notice that they are using multiple camera angles and are constantly switching between the cameras to keep viewers engaged. The only time it is acceptable to use one angle is when you are recording your commute through the city.


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The best angles to set up action camera mounts

Here are some of the best angles from which to set up your camera.

Near the front wheel

Nothing captures the thrill of riding a motorbike at high speeds better than when you place the action camera close to the front wheel. The point behind the front wheel is ideal because it will look thrilling, and dangerous especially when you take a turn. Mounting the camera close to the ground emphasises how fast you are going and the lean angle when cornering. You can also see the suspension fork do its thing, which makes for some cool visuals. Try a suction cup or adhesive mount on the fairing of a sports bike, or a handlebar mount on the frame or engine bars of a naked bike.

On the windscreen

Do you want the option to record the scenery or the passengers? Then, the windscreen is a great angle to record from. This type of angle is great for vlogging, especially if you want to talk to your audience. While recording from this angle with a camera mount, you can talk to the passengers or the audience without having to hold the camera for a long time. The windscreen is a great way to capture a fantastic view. Imagine driving towards the coast, and you take the turn on the road and get a spectacular view of the ocean.

Front and centre

Not sure where to place the camera? In such cases, the best thing to do is keep it simple and place it front and centre, the closer to the ground, the better. If you are driving a car, you will want to place the camera mount on the grille using an appropriate mount that can grip or hold onto the surface. Meanwhile, for motorcycles, you want to place the camera in front of (or behind) the windshield to get the best view.


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Mount it on a helmet

One of the best angles to film with is when a camera is mounted onto a helmet. It is a great perspective to have because it captures everything in the best possible angle. Many action cameras work best on the top of a helmet. However, there are two problems with this approach. One, it looks silly. Two, it prevents your visor from opening fully – pretty dangerous if you’re fogging up on a damp day. Drift cameras can be mounted on the side of the helmet, with the rotating lens adjusted to straighten up the shot.


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Camera mounts for the win!

Action camera mounts are the best accessories an adventurer can have. Not only do they capture some amazing angles, but they make the entire filming experience much easier to handle. Camera mounts come in all shapes and sizes, giving you all the options you are looking for when you are planning a trip. Drift cameras work well with different action camera mounts, ranging from suction cup mounts to handlebar mounts.

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