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Whether you’re looking for a camera for reassurance and safety reasons or simply for online bragging rights, the Drift 4K is an the best camera choice for motorcyclists. We’re the official action camera for British Superbikes after all. A massive proportion of all Drift users are motorcyclists and so we’ve made the Ghost 4K with helmet and vehicle mounted filming in mind. Yes, it’s a little camera, but there’s a lot packed in!

When you’re out enjoying new roads, the last thing you need is camera worries. The Ghost 4K has been designed to make sure you can capture the best footage yet, without any niggling camera worries at the back of your mind.

First things first, you want to capture great quality footage. The good news is that you can do exactly that with the Ghost 4K. One of the Ghost’s best features is the Electronic Image Stabilisation which counteracts camera shake, giving you smooth footage - a necessity for motorbikers. There’s also a 330 degree rotatable lens, so you can mount the camera on an uneven surface on your bike, or on your helmet, and still get perfectly straight shots. We’ve also thought about your audio and added dual microphones. Using the rear mic whilst you’re filming means you’ll cut wind noise during rides.

It goes without saying that you’ll need something robust and reliable at high speeds if you’re looking to capture your rides. The Ghost 4K features a sturdy clip that allows you to strongly attach it to any of our mounts (and there’s lots to choose from), giving you peace of mind that you’re not going to lose it! The streamlined design also means there’s less drag, so you can mount it directly on your bike without problems. And if you prefer mounting the camera on your helmet, it’s a far more comfortable experience.

The Ghost’s modular design means you can customise the camera to your exact needs that day. One of the most popular modules is the LCD screen that you can use to make sure your shots are aligned exactly as you want them, or to quickly and easily your rewatch your footage. There’s also options to add an extended battery for even more filming time or GPS to track where you’ve been on your bike.

The Ghost 4K isn’t just great at capturing those exciting, high adrenaline moments, it’s also ideal for capturing your regular rides and providing you with clear footage in the event of a prang. The Ghost’s Video Tagging Mode will continually record footage without saving until you tell it to. Press the record button and you can save the most recent footage, allowing you to capture events that have just passed, plus whatever unfolds afterward.

As a motorcyclist, there’s no doubt that you can count on Drift for capturing clear, crisp footage and audio. We want to be supporting the motorcycling community now and in future years too, so be sure to keep us updated with your feedback, ideas and, of course, footage. (Don’t forget, if you’re uploading your footage to social media, use #ShotWithDrift so we can see!)

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  • Hi We88y, we would highly recommend using an external microphone and then feed it into helmet. This has been proved to work really well by other riders. For exhaust note, maybe you could mount the camera closer to the exhaust and then use the external microphone and feed near the seat? Cheers Drift

    Drift on

  • Hi Craig, for your situation we would recommend using the DVR mode. The video tagging is designed more for catching an awesome moment of something that just happened. Cheers Drift.

    Drift on

  • I’m trying to work out the best mode for motorcycle riding. My understanding of tagging mode is it will only save video that has been tagged. This is no good in a severe accident if you are unable to press the button to tag. Video mode on the other hand records, but does it just stop when the SD card is full or does it rewrite older footage? Or should I use CarDVR mode when on the bike?

    Craig on

  • I ve mounted my 4k to the side of my Helmet
    Cracking footage but wind noise is horrendous even on low and rear mic
    just bought a waterproof case hope its better as i was wanting to have the exhaust note on the footage
    any other sugestions please

    we88y on

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