What is a modular camera and why you need one?

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A modular camera is not exactly a new trend. After all, all the RED cameras have been built with a modular design. However, in recent years, we are seeing popular consumer electronic brands, like Canon and Panasonic, come out with their own line of modular cameras. Based on their growing popularity, it is clear they are becoming more and more popular. But, what are these modular cameras? Why are they growing in popularity? And do you really need one? We will answer all these questions in our latest blog post.

What is a modular camera?

A modular camera is compromised of a central component, the ‘brain’, along with interchangeable components. Owners can then switch out different camera parts in favour of the latest components. These cameras are quickly gaining favour with professional videographers because camera parts can be switched out and customised.


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Are there any benefits to using a modular camera?

Modular cameras are growing in popularity because they can be customised to suit the needs of the owner. Furthermore, this element prolongs the lifespan and validity of a camera, given that one of the biggest problems with the camera industry is the pace at which trends and technology progress. There are instances where camera hardware can become obsolete in a matter of months.

For example, one camera can be state of the art upon release only to be outdated six months later. Having a modular camera is a huge benefit because upgrading to the latest components allows you to keep your camera in line with the latest trends and on par with the latest equipment.

Modular cameras come with near-limitless customisable options because owners can not only adjust how the camera looks, but also how the camera functions. This lends a sense of ownership to the camera owner that cannot be found with other cameras. Camera owners will find this type of camera appealing because it gives them unlimited customisable options.

Can we use these cameras for outdoor adventures?

A modular camera comes with several advantages, but some drawbacks make it less than an ideal product for outdoor adventures. One disadvantage is the size of the camera - it is quite heavy and bulky compared to other cameras. As a result of this, the size and weight of the camera make it less than ideal for outdoor adventures. You generally want a camera that is smaller so that it is easy to carry around.

Modular cameras are also limited by the number of modular parts at their disposal. Just because a camera can be outfitted with different parts doesn't necessarily mean that any modular part can be used with the camera, it must be compatible with the camera. Furthermore, most modular cameras are not built for the rigours of outdoor adventures not just because of the size but also because of durability. Finally, while modular cameras are built for videographers and professionals, they are not yet ready for consumers. There is also the practical side of working with modular cameras - for example, just how many people would be willing to change out different components daily? For some users, customisations are a great option, but for others, it can be annoying.


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The solution for high volume and purpose users is to get an action camera with a modular design - this is precisely where our Drift cameras come into play. Cameras, like the Drift Ghost 4K and the Ghost X, come with a modular design, which allows you to extract and add different components. You can install three different components on the Drift Ghost 4K: A standard battery module, long-life battery module and LCD module, so you can choose to customize the camera to maximize battery power or add an LCD screen. In short, our cameras allow you to blend the benefits of an outdoor camera with that of a modular camera. Our cameras accomplish this by packing powerful specs into a slim, modular design that allows users to swap in and swap out with different accessories.

The Ghost 4K features a slim design so that battery modules and LCD modules can be fitted onto the side dock. The Ghost 4K essentially combines the best of both worlds, it brings together the convenience of an action camera with the convenience of a modular camera. Weight is not an issue with the Drift 4K, but accessories can be swapped out like a modular camera, making it easier to work with. Thanks to its modular design, the Ghost 4K is also an extremely versatile camera that can be attached to the side of a helmet, onto a dashboard or even onto the side of a motorcycle.

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But what if you are not interested in modular cameras, yet need a standard action camera? Then, you can try other cameras like the Ghost X and Ghost XL - these cameras offer 1080p resolution, lengthy battery life and waterproof connectivity for power and audio purposes. These cameras also come with several complementary accessories, like mounts and camera cases. If you haven’t already, it’s time for you to hop on the Drift train!

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